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Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Australia – JAFA

“JAFA is the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Australia. It’s a BRAND new, not-for- profit organisation, formed to provide a voice dedicated exclusively to the needs of children and young people with juvenile arthritis and childhood rheumatic diseases and their families.”

JAFA refers to diseases such as JIA, JRA, and its less common forms, which are collectively called Juvenile Arthritis (JA).”

JAFA has established a closed Facebook page for families whose families.  The aim of this Facebook Group is to:

  1.  Parents of children with JA and/or young people with JA to exchange information and discuss issues of mutual interest.
  2.  JAFA to communicate information about, and seek input and feedback from parents and young people on its activities and plans.
  3. Posting external information about JA-related issues, events, media reports.
  4. Posting credible JA-relevant educative material e.g. government and medical/health reports and policy documents.

It is a closed group and moderated – here is the link to the page: JAFA Facebook page for Families


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