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How to talk to your teacher about your arthritis

Sophia has juvenile idiopathic arthritis. In Year 10, Sophia developed a PowerPoint presentation as part of her personal project. She surveyed teachers at her school and adolescents she met through Camp Footloose and developed a guide for teachers. It explains the symptoms and effects of having JIA and provides suggestions about how to support students with similar disabilities. See the resource: A teacher’s guide to JIA Sophia has given…
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Logan’s story

One-year-old Logan Currie was diagnosed with Infantile Polyarteritis Nodosa, a severe form of systemic vasculitis, at just three months of age. During a family holiday in the Gold Coast last October, Logan developed a rash, began feeling lethargic and vomiting bile. Over the next three months, Logan would undergo numerous tests, be placed on life…
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Ella talks Footloose

What's it like having arthritis at 15?
When I first heard about Camp Footloose to be honest I was a bit hesitant and didn’t really want to go, and as it turns out, choosing to go was one of the best decisions of my life. I met kids just like me. I didn’t have to explain why I couldn’t do something…
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Get ready for Camp Footloose

Thank you for holding a great camp. I met heaps of great people and had an amazing time. Its time to start thinking about Camp Footloose.  If you are between 9 and 18 year of age, why don’t you consider attending Camp Footloose.   Camp Footloose is an annual event run by Arthritis…
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Carter and Camp Twinkletoes

Carter is almost seven years old and has a common type of JIA, oligoarthritis, in both knees and his wrist. One day when he was four, his parents watched him climb out of a swimming pool and noticed that one knee was the size of a large grapefruit. “Within three weeks his movement and gait had complete…
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Caitlin’s story

Caitlin's story for the Paedriatirc Rheumatology Network. Photo courtesy of Kelly Brito via Unsplash.
My name is Caitlin Holder and I suffer from Systemic Arthritis which impacts my everyday life. School was difficult to manage at times, as it took time to learn what I was capable of. With management and support from the school therapy team, teachers and my head teacher we created a plan which allowed me…
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