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The Juvenile Arthritis Foundation of Australia (JAFA) organised a symposium for families of children with rheumatologic conditions.  A panel of paediatric rheumatology clinicians tackled some of the common issues/topics of parental concern.  The JAFA Board have kindly shared the recording of the symposium with PRN.

The topics discussed were:

  1. Demystifying Methotrexate – Dr Ben Whitehead
  2. COVID 19 – Uncovered – Dr Jeff Chaitow
  3. Issues, anxieties & advances in treatment of Juvenile Arthritis – A/Prof Jane Munro
  4. Q & A  – An expert panel of doctors, nurses and parents

We hope you find this symposium helpful

JAFA Symposium May 2020

Just a reminder that there is a Facebook page for parents and families of children with rheumatologic conditions, which you may find helpful:

JAFA Parents Facebook Page


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